• New Locks That Can Ensure Your Car Is Safe in Your Garage

    It's not always intuitive, but your car isn't necessarily safe just because it's in a garage. It might seem like this is the case, but this is exactly what thieves count on, namely your false sense of security. Fortunately, there are some new technologies related to locksmith gadgets that could help your car be actually secure when it's in your garage. The Facts about Garage Security According to some sources, thieves can break into your garage in just 6 seconds. [Read More]

  • What You Can Do To Boost Security Until Someone Fixes Your Window's Locks

    The very simple concept of functional locks on a home's windows provide an immense amount of safety and security. Burglars and worse criminals cannot easily enter a home through a locked window. Unfortunately, even durable locks can and do break. Calling a locksmith to fix or replace the broken locks is advised, but a day or so may pass before the work is actually performed. In the meantime, some action must be taken to reduce the chances Murphy's Law rears its head and a burglar puts hands on an unsecured window. [Read More]

  • Accidently Lock Your Keys In Your Car? Dodge The Dealership

    If you have gotten your keys locked in your car and you aren't sure what to do, you'll want to call a locksmith. This lock professional can end up saving you money, and they should be able to get into your car without doing any damage. If you are positive that the keys are still in the car and you have no other set of keys to use, you'll want to call and quotes for the two following things. [Read More]

  • 4 Unique Places To Hide Your Spare House Key

    Everyone knows the importance of having a spare house key. What many people don't know is what to do with the spare. You don't want to put your spare key in an obvious place such as under the door mat, under a rock, or on your door frame. These are the first places someone will look if they're trying to break into your home. If you are trying to think of places to hide your key, here are 4 unique places that no one will think of looking. [Read More]

  • 4 Ways You Can Improve Your Mobile Home's Security Before A Trip

    Living in a mobile home presents its own set of unique challenges. One of those is security. If you plan to be away from your home for an extended period of time, it is important that you secure it and your belongings.   Locks Obviously, the first step in securing your mobile home is ensuring that you have deadbolts on each door. Even though your home might have knob locks, it is imperative you have a locksmith install deadbolts. [Read More]

  • 7 Key Control Tips For New Businesses

    New business owners -- busy with setting up shop, hiring employees and building inventory – rarely stop to think about key control and how it will affect their business. It's only after the business is more established that a break-in, an angry employee who quits without returning his keys, or even an innocent employee who loses a key forces the company to take a close look at key control practices. While effective key control is easy to establish early on, it can be trickier to teach employees to keep the facility safe and secure once bad habits have set in. [Read More]

  • Reasons To Hire A Professional Locksmith

    When you hire a locksmith, make sure that it is a locksmith that is qualified and prepared to help you overcome the problem that you may have. The truth is, not all locksmiths are able to help in the same way, and there are some that bring greater value and are able to better help get the problem solved. Below are a few examples of why it is important to make sure that the locksmith you hire to help you is professional, trained, and proficient. [Read More]

  • Replacing Locks In A Bank Vault: How A Commercial Locksmith Helps Reassign Safety Deposit Boxes

    Safety deposit boxes are rented out as a service to bank members. When bank members stop renting a deposit box, the box is emptied of the previous owner's effects and the box awaits reassignment. In the event that not all of the keys that open the boxes are recovered, then a commercial locksmith like A & R Lockshop steps in to help. If you have ever wondered how this process works, read the following to find out. [Read More]

  • Gun Safety Tips For Parents

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 31 percent of homes in the United States have at least one child and a gun in the home. Unfortunately, unsafe gun practices have led to serious injuries and deaths after children were able to gain access to the guns. Although gun safety is important at all times, it is even more so when there are children in the home. Here are some gun safety practices you should use in your home. [Read More]