What To Tell An Emergency Locksmith Before They Show Up To Help

Posted on: 9 July 2020

Getting locked out of your house, car, or another important place is obviously not ideal. Things could be even worse if there is bad weather or extreme temperatures outside and you don't have a place to shelter. Luckily, a local emergency locksmith service may be able to assist you and get you back inside wherever you need to go quickly. But before you pick up the phone and call for help, you should know that an emergency locksmith will likely require certain information from you before they can do their job. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Tell the Locksmith As Much as You Can on the Phone So They Show Up Prepared

Once you are locked out, take a deep breath and assess the situation. Do you know the brand of the lock or the type of lock that you need the locksmith to get through? Did you try and put a key into the slot already and it got stuck or is the key slot still clear? Are there additional locks like a deadbolt that might cause additional problems? Are there any alternative doors the locksmith could try, like a back door or patio door if the front door just won't budge? You want the emergency locksmith to show up with everything they need for the job so be as specific as you can about the situation.

Can You Prove Ownership in Some Way?

Most emergency locksmiths will also want to see proof that you own the house or car that you are trying to get into. After all, what's to stop a random thief from calling a locksmith to try and get into someone's car? Hopefully, you still have your wallet or purse on you in order to provide identification. If that won't work, the locksmith might be able to look up your address or car license plate and get information that way. Be prepared to confirm you are who you say you are once you get into the house or car and get your purse or wallet back. Be understanding of the fact that if you can't provide any information to verify that you own the property in question, the locksmith may decline to help you.

Are There Children Involved?

One final important note to remember: if there are children involved in this situation, you should tell the locksmith this upfront because in many cases, the locksmith might tell you to call 911 or the police instead. For example, if a child is locked inside a hot car, the locksmith will defer to the authorities. If the situation you are in involves children in any way, consider calling the authorities first yourself.

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