3 Ways Of Securing A Safe Without Bolting It To The Floor

Posted on: 18 May 2021

Most homeowners prefer to secure their safe by bolting it to the floor. However, those residing in a rented home or apartment don't generally use this method. After all, no landlord would authorize you to bolt your safe on their floors as it brings permanent damage to the property. 

Similarly, if you change rented houses a lot, bolting the safe to the floor, removing it, and then rebolting it to the floor of your new house can be challenging. So, what can you do to avoid this? 

Here are the three most effective ways of securing your safe without bolting it to the floor.

Bolt the Safe to a Steel Slab

Consider bolting the safe to a piece of steel. Doing so makes the safe too heavy and massive for thieves to take it outside your property. Bolting it to steel is quite simple, and anybody can do it. You will only need a quarter-inch thick steel piece, a drill, and the correct screw size for the task.

After assembling everything, place the steel piece where you want to store the safe and then mount the safe. After that, drill bolt holes in the safe and steel piece, then bolt them. Make sure to let a locksmith examine it first to verify that you have not messed with the safe's lock.

Hide the Safe in the Floorboards

Homes with wooden floors are perfect for hiding a safe. This technique is impossible to implement in homes that lack wooden floors. It is a must for the home to have wooden floors for you to obtain good results. The removable floorboards are most preferred as they ease access to the safe.

This technique has advantages. One of which is it saves your home a large amount of space. It also provides a hiding place that throws off intruders. 

Glue the Safe to the Floor

Gluing the safe to the floor is also an option that you can consider. You don't have to have technical or mechanical knowledge. Instead, you only need super glue. Choose the most hidden space for installing the safe. 

Proceed to glue the safe and wait for a few hours for the glue to completely dry. The dried glue will firmly attach the safe to the floor, and it will be tough to remove it there. The techniques mentioned above will help you secure your safe without bolting it to the floor, especially if you reside in a rented apartment. For more information regarding safes, contact a locksmith.