Homeowner Deceptions That Thieves See Right Through

Posted on: 6 July 2016

It's not actually helpful to merely say what tricks homeowners use these days that don't work because thieves have gotten wise to them without giving alternatives. So, here are some alternative security tips to the common deceptions homeowners use that thieves often see through.

Neighbors Instead of Fake Rocks

Time for some tough truth, your fake rock doesn't actually look all that real. And in any case, thieves are just going to wander around picking up all the big rocks next to the door anyway. The same is to be said for putting it under the map, putting it behind the door frame, or any other place that you've located.

The truth is that burglars are just going to go at your lawn with a shovel if they have the slightest suspicion that a key might be down there anywhere. If you have a car nearby that's obviously yours, they'll check anywhere accessible on the car as well, such as just under the fender. A better approach is to make sure that you give the key to a neighbor instead.

The spare key will be safe there, and if you give it to the right neighbor, you should be able to go to them to get the key if you ever have need of it. This puts it far beyond the reach of thieves looking for a spare key to make the job of getting into your home easier for them.

Real Alarms and Locks Instead of Beware of Dog Signs

It's true you can put up a false dog sign in order to dissuade thieves, but this is often not going to work because thieves are perfectly aware of the fact that you could be lying. Additionally, only dogs that are trained to guard your home will be guaranteed to be good at it.

Plenty of dogs may not necessarily attack anyone who enters at night, especially if the thieves bring food. Also, thieves could enter parts of the house dogs don't have access to and still walk away with some valuables.

The smarter play is to instead get real security systems with alarms and the ability to quickly contact the authorities. Many of these systems are small and plenty of them can even be enacted using smartphones on a small scale that doesn't require additional equipment. You simply download the app you need and set up the phone in the area that you want.

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