Home Security Tips For Your Protection

Posted on: 11 May 2016

When it comes to home security, you can never be too careful. The more you do to protect your property, the better your chances will be of fending off burglars. Follow these tips to secure your home and property:

Plant rose bushes under the windows

Planting rose bushes under your windows will provide an extra deterrent to keep people from trying to get in through them. The thorns will poke them and get caught on their clothing, forcing them to back away from the window.

Have a locksmith inspect your home

A locksmith knows just what to look for when it comes to keeping criminals out. If they are able to find any weaknesses in certain locks, they can replace them with locks that will do a better job of keeping someone from being able to easily get into the house.

Get motion activated sprinklers and lights

A criminal will want to sneak quietly into your home, unnoticed. For this reason, motion activated sprinklers and lights will help chase them off. When they walk in your yard under the protection of darkness, they will find lights turning on which lets you know someone is out there and sprinklers suddenly getting them wet.

Don't let strangers see your keys

New technology allows duplicate keys to be able to be printed with a 3D printer, using only a picture of a key. This new technology means you should now make sure you protect your keys, keeping them out of sight so no one will be able to take a picture of them while you are out and about.

Put tint on your windows

A very good way to help cut down on the interest a criminal may have in your home is to make it very hard for them to know what you have inside your house. Having tint applied to all your windows that has a reflective coating will give you the ability to keep your blinds open without anyone being able to see inside.

Install a security system with security cameras

A security system that has cameras will protect your house from intruders and monitor what is going on at all times. When you are having a system put in, go for one that also gives you the option to monitor the cameras from your smart device. This way, you can know your house is safe no matter where you are at that time.

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