Have A Rental Property With A Lot Of Turnover? Get A Professional Locksmith And Use Keycode Locks To Save Time And Money

Posted on: 24 February 2023

It can become tedious to change the locks and have new keys made every time you change tenants in a rental property. If you are the owner of multiple rental properties, or even just one, it's time to upgrade to keypad locks.

Have a locksmith come to the properties and look at your current locking options. Talk with the locksmith about getting a keycode-controlled lock, so you are always in control of the property. Here are things to consider.

Key Code Entry Benefits

This technology is great for rental properties and homeowners. Replacing the current key locks with keypad options prevents you from having to deal with:

  • Renters calling because they lost their key
  • Having to change locks with each tenant
  • Wondering who has the keys to the property
  • Needing to be at the property for contractors
  • Can lock the house if a tenant has been evicted

The key code lock you install should be able to be controlled wirelessly. This allows you to let people in if they are locked out, and let workers in when needed. You also can change the lock code easily between tenants and when people move out.

New Locking Options

Ask about a magnetic locking system. Since this is controlled with high-powered magnetism, and there aren't moving parts internally like a traditional lock, you don't have to worry about as many flaws and issues with the lock. This is a high-quality locking option to invest in, so get quotes for the different magnetic locks that are recommended by the locksmith for high-traffic properties.

Security Enhancements

Many locksmiths don't just do locks, but also have security training. Ask where the property has vulnerabilities and concerns for safety, and where you can make improvements to make the property as safe as it can be. Not only do you want your tenants safe, but you want to avoid risks and damages to your investment as well.

The locksmith can examine the doors before installing the new locks to see if they are durable enough to keep the properties as safe as needed. Don't waste any more time changing out the locks and getting new keys every time, someone has left.

If you are considering exterior cameras for your rental properties, see if the locksmith can install these as well. This way you have new locks and new cameras and the property is secure.

Speak to a locksmith to learn more.