Avoid These 5 Awkward Conversations With Card Access Control Systems

Posted on: 30 November 2022

A good card access control system makes your company's sites more secure, safe, and flexible. But it can also help you avoid some awkward conversations that make both bosses and employees uncomfortable. Here are a few of these that you may be able to avoid now.

1. Lost Keys

Employees are imperfect, and they sometimes lose track of company keys. But employees may be embarrassed or hesitant to admit it if they know that the result will be a big inconvenience or cost to the company. With card access control systems, losing a card isn't a big deal. The company deactivates it, issues a new one, and everyone goes on about their day. 

2. Getting Keys Back

When you let an employee go, wrapping up their departure can be uncomfortable and rushed. And you must get back certain company belongings or risk financial loss. Getting back a key from a departing or disgruntled employee, though, isn't always easy. Instead, skip this part of your termination protocol entirely and just deactivate the card. 

3. Recording Entries

With key-based systems, you don't know who opened/closed a door or when it happened. This makes for awkward and intrusive conversations if things go wrong. You may end up accusing people of wrongdoing, lowering morale, and even missing the actual culprit. Car access control systems offer detailed data about who uses a door, when, for how long, and under what authorization. So you can investigate problems rationally, discreetly, and successfully. 

4. Strangers Where They Shouldn't Be

Has a stranger ever wandered into your employee-only area or shown up on the grounds without authorization? Strangers in the wrong places make today's businesses and staff very uncomfortable. Boost the security of your site by limiting access to authorized card holders, reducing the amount of time cards can access doors, and never forgetting to relock a door. 

5. Managing Keys

Stop spending time and money trying to manage all your keys. Instead, access cards are run by sophisticated systems which provide all the information you need — including the card owner, who authorized their access, what they can get into, how long their access lasts, and when they used it last. Key employees and management will have less to worry about. 

Where You Can Start

Want to skip any of these awkward or problematic conversations? Start by learning more about card commercial card access control system installation options in your area today. You and your employees will soon breathe a sigh of relief. 

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