New Locks That Can Ensure Your Car Is Safe in Your Garage

Posted on: 15 July 2015

It's not always intuitive, but your car isn't necessarily safe just because it's in a garage. It might seem like this is the case, but this is exactly what thieves count on, namely your false sense of security. Fortunately, there are some new technologies related to locksmith gadgets that could help your car be actually secure when it's in your garage.

The Facts about Garage Security

According to some sources, thieves can break into your garage in just 6 seconds. This is often because of the endless numbers of tricks that thieves have that take advantage of garage door mechanical automation and fail safes. One of these is the emergency release lever that many garage doors have. This lever opens the door during a power outage.

Enterprising thieves can use a coat hanger to trip this lever by slipping it through the gap between the door and the wall, all without even being inside your garage. Once there, they can just steal your car in the normal way, especially since many people leave their car unlocked in their garage.

Zip Ties

If you're worried about the emergency release problem specifically, you can use a zip tie to lock the lever during normal operation. This will prevent anyone from tripping it from the outside. Then, during an emergency when the power is out, you can just cut the tie and use the lever.

This way you can be sure that no one is going to get through when you have the door locked. Cutting the zip tie remotely is much more difficult than just lifting up a lever, especially if you aren't sure exactly where it is.

Smart Garage Locks

Another approach you can use is a smart remote system. This could allow you to remotely deadbolt your door when you're away. People aren't going to be able to undo a deadbolt from the outside nearly as easily with whatever tricks they have. A trained locksmith should be able to handle this installation for you.

Locksmiths can also set up a Wi-Fi connected system so that you can not only lock or unlock the system from the inside remotely, but also tell exactly when the door opens and closes. The system can also be rigged to make your cell phone vibrate or ring whenever the door opens. That way, if it's opening when you don't expect, you can take action to prevent theft.