Common Door Lock Problems That You Shouldn't Ignore

Posted on: 30 July 2021

One way of ensuring security in your business is by installing locks. However, as the locks grow old, you may begin experiencing lock problems. While some lock issues are minor, there are major lock problems that require urgent commercial lock repair. Here are the common lock problems you shouldn't ignore.

Faulty Lock Cylinder

When you turn a key when locking or unlocking the door, the key should spin easily. However, you may notice that the entire lock cylinder turns. That may interfere with the locking mechanism and prevent the door from locking, leaving your business vulnerable to theft. Alternatively, the door can lock permanently, and you may be unable to unlock it, preventing access into and out of a room. A spinning lock cylinder is an indication that the set screw could be loose or damaged. If so, tightening of the set screw may be necessary, or call a commercial lock repair service to repair the entire lock cylinder.

Broken Lock

When your door doesn't unlock or opens with difficulty, that's a sign that you're dealing with a broken lock. Your lock can break when you exert excessive force during door opening or closing. Harsh weather is another common cause of broken locks. For instance, water may soak into the lock after a heavy downpour causing lock components to disintegrate. If your locks are broken, get commercial lock repair services to mend the broken parts immediately.

Broken Key Inside the Lock

A key breaking inside a lock is a common incident you may experience in your business. If the key breaks with great force, the entire lock could get damaged. Fortunately, commercial locksmith services can help address this problem by safely removing all the broken key fragments. That way, you can get a key replacement and lock or unlock your door successfully.

Loose Lock

As your locks grow old, they may become loose due to constant usage. That may be due to damage or loss of screws. Sometimes, lock loosening may be due to poor lock installation. A loose lock can lock permanently, preventing you from accessing your business. You need to avoid such delays as they can interfere with your operations, leading to financial losses. Hence, you need commercial lock repair services to mend the loose locks.

Broken or loose locks, broken keys inside the lock, and faulty lock cylinders are lock problems you should address immediately. Consider calling commercial lock repair professionals to help you fix these problems fast.