How To Deal With A Broken Keyless Car Lock

Posted on: 17 November 2015

Keyless car entry is a great time-saving feature for modern cars, but many people aren't used to dealing with lockouts when their car remote stops working. If you find your keyless remote stops working all of a sudden, don't panic; follow these steps to troubleshoot the problem and avoid a costly repair. 

Call a Locksmith

You may be wondering who to call for a keyless car entry. As long as you can start the car once you're inside, an emergency locksmith should be able to help you get on your way. The locksmith can use a pressurized system to pop the door open. Getting back into your car may also be a necessary step for some of the next troubleshooting steps, such as reprogramming the key. 

Test Your Backup Remote

Once you've got your locksmith and have traveled back to safety, it's time to test your backup remote. Does this work? If so, you have a problem with your primary remote. If not, then the problem lies with the car itself and you'll need to take it into the shop. 

Try a Replacement Battery

If you find that your backup remote does work, then you can start troubleshooting your primary remote. The first thing to try is to put in a replacement batter and see if this brings the remote back to life. Once you put in a replacement battery, you may need to also reset the remote; a faulty battery can cause some malfunctions in your remote's programming. 

Reset the Remote

When a replacement battery doesn't work, the next thing to try is reprogramming or resetting the remote. Look in your owner's manual for specific instructions on how to do this with your car model. Generally, you will need to insert the key fob into your ignition with the doors closed, and then press a button on the remote to confirm your reset. If you have trouble doing this or have lost your user's manual, speak with a locksmith or your car dealership to help you reprogram the remote. 

Bring the Car in for Repairs

If you have tried all of the above and your remote still isn't working, then unfortunately, you may have to bring the car in for a costly repair. While a locksmith can save you from having an emergency lockout with your keyless car, you may need to go straight to the dealership or manufacturer to get a replacement remote for these cars.