Accidently Lock Your Keys In Your Car? Dodge The Dealership

Posted on: 22 May 2015

If you have gotten your keys locked in your car and you aren't sure what to do, you'll want to call a locksmith. This lock professional can end up saving you money, and they should be able to get into your car without doing any damage.

If you are positive that the keys are still in the car and you have no other set of keys to use, you'll want to call and quotes for the two following things.

Wedge and Hook

Many locksmith's have a pump wedge or another type of wedge to get the door of the car to open. When this happens, they can push something to the lock button to unlock the door, and then they can get in to get the keys. This is only going to cost you a service call, which can be as low as $35.00, depending on the locksmith. This is cheaper than having the vehicle towed if you don't get an extra set of keys in time, and cheaper than getting an new set of keys made.

Create a Key

If you have an older vehicle that doesn't have a transponder chip, it shouldn't be difficult for the locksmith to cut a key. If you do have a transponder key, you still want to call a locksmith. It's been shown that you can usually save about $30.00 or more if you get a lost transponder key created by a locksmith, instead of going to the dealership. You may be able to save even more than that if you call around to different locksmiths to get prices.

After they create a key you want to get a key box that sticks to the bottom of your car. This box is magnetic and you can put it somewhere so it's hidden, and then you don't have to call a locksmith if the problem happens again.

Your auto insurance provider may award you one free lock service a year, so you'll want to call and ask. If they do, find out if they have specific requirements for who can you use. If you are the member of an auto club, you'll want to ask them if this service is included. Having to get your car to the dealership or getting a key  made at the dealership is a lot of money, and calling a locksmith can help make this unpredictable dilemma more affordable.

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