4 Unique Places To Hide Your Spare House Key

Posted on: 19 May 2015

Everyone knows the importance of having a spare house key. What many people don't know is what to do with the spare. You don't want to put your spare key in an obvious place such as under the door mat, under a rock, or on your door frame. These are the first places someone will look if they're trying to break into your home. If you are trying to think of places to hide your key, here are 4 unique places that no one will think of looking.

With a trusted neighbor

If you have a neighbor that you would trust with your key, this is your best option. If you neighbor is home most of the time, you can give your neighbor the key to give to you if you are ever locked out of your home. If your neighbor isn't always home, ask if you can hide the key in their yard. Burglars aren't going to search your neighbors' yards for your house key. You can offer to take your neighbor's key in return and you can keep each other's house key under your door mat. Keeping your neighbor's key in an obvious place is fine since it won't open your own door.

Under a stepping stone

If you have loose stepping stones in your yard, hide your key under one. Pick one in the middle or closer to your driveway in case someone decides to search the one closest to your front door. Don't mark the stone you hide your key under. Also, make sure you put it in the exact same place so it doesn't look like it's lifted often.

Buried in mulch

Burying your key in the mulch is another great place to hide your key. Put it in a plastic bag first so it is easier to find when the time comes. Smooth out the mulch and no one will ever know that it's there. You can take a picture with your phone if you're worried that you will forget where it is buried.

Hanging under stairs

If you have wooden stairs leading up to your home, use them to hide your key. You can buy a small hook to screw into the stairs and hang your key from it. No one will be able to see it unless they go under there. You can set large potted plants on both sides of your stairs to make sure it is completely hidden.

Hiding your key where no one will think to look is important. You want it easily accessible, but only to you. With your neighbor or a less-obvious place in your yard will make your key easily accessible, yet hard to find. For more information, consult your local locksmith (such as Irvine Lock & Key)