Gun Safety Tips For Parents

Posted on: 22 April 2015

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 31 percent of homes in the United States have at least one child and a gun in the home. Unfortunately, unsafe gun practices have led to serious injuries and deaths after children were able to gain access to the guns. Although gun safety is important at all times, it is even more so when there are children in the home. Here are some gun safety practices you should use in your home.

Educate Your Children

It is your responsibility to talk to your children about gun safety. Explain to your children how important it is to never touch a gun or any of its parts. Be sure to emphasize that this rule not only applies inside your home, but in other homes, too.

Teach your children that if they do come in contact with a gun, not to touch it, and leave the area in which the gun is located. Inform your children that they should immediately find an adult and tell him or her about the gun.

Images and the portrayal of guns on television and in movies can be confusing to children. Children might not understand the seriousness of guns. Explain to your children that guns can seriously hurt them.

It is important to talk gun safety with your child even if you do not own a gun. You want to ensure your child is prepared to handle any situation involving a weapon.

Properly Store Guns

Despite how much you talk to your children about gun safety, they could still be curious. Simply hiding the gun under the bed or in the back of a desk drawer is not enough. Guns need to be carefully locked away so that your children cannot access them.

A gun safe with a combination or lock provides you with a secure place to store your gun. If you choose a safe with a key, keep the key with you at all times. Children should not be given access to the combination either.

In addition to purchasing a safe, you can also buy a gun lock. Many different types of locks are available, including a vise that conveniently fits over the trigger of the gun. If you are unable to purchase a lock, contact your local law enforcement agency. Some agencies help provide locks as part of gun safety programs.

Practicing gun safety helps to keep not only your own children safe, but also children who are visitors to your home. Talk to a gun safety expert for additional methods you can use to keep your guns safely away from the children. One company that provides this service is Fradon Lock Co Inc.